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HMEWatch was first started in 1987 mainly specializing in aviator type watches but also carried things such as portable Loran units, portable Transceivers and other small pilot accessories such as Flashlights, handheld Jep type computer/calculators to aircraft light bulbs and spark plugs. We soon discovered that we needed to create a “Specialty” if we were to be successful and decided that since there were plenty of other aircraft parts and supply houses but no real aviator watch and pilot watch outlets, that this would be our specialty. Since then, we have undoubtedly become the only true aviator watch and pilot watch specialist offering only the finest quality name brands considering features, looks, options and of course, cost. We have gone well beyond the borders of the US to find models we thought would benefit our market such as the ATC and ATP series models featuring Chronographs, multiple time-zones and GMT, Altimeter, thermometer and much more.. We hope you find our catalog helpful in finding the model best suited for your particular needs and wants. If you have any further questions or requests, please feel free to contact us by either our E-Mail address WATCH@HMEWATCH.COM fax, US mail 2699 1/2 Beachwood, Ste #111 or just give us a call @ 323.464.6660.
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